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Published on 1 week ago

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penguinz0 7 days ago

Animation by

Samson5erb Rocks 1 day ago

Very intense animated emotions. It's take a but to get used to but I like it.

PetRock151 2 days ago

Do more of these

Guarr 2 days ago

Bro ur gatekeeping literally everyone knows what blockbuster is

kobra6660 3 days ago

Not buying Netflix is just a big question on why they didnt get bought out and they could have changed things if they started the redbox

HentaiHistorian 4 days ago

I miss video rental stores...

Sora NioStaur 4 days ago

this . . . was a really good video, thank you my dude

Chris Jones 5 days ago

Bro, I just pirated my shit back then

ChickenYale 5 days ago

penguinz0 leafy is back!

Tigerblake 5 days ago

penguinz0 my local blockbuster became a church. So now people prey in a rental movie store building

Captain Relay 6 days ago


katie smith 6 days ago

Haven't watched yet, came to say block buster didnt fail. It succeeded. People failed blockbuster.

never back down 6 days ago

Actually you're correct with your video, but, the nail in the coffin was absolutely red box. Red box demolished all outlets around 2010.

Excited James Aleks 6 days ago


Cody Haydu 6 days ago

Your infos wrong they closed and went bank rupt because me and me friends robbed the place for more than 10k at the age of 10 at least 10k worth of video games still in there protecting cases right in front of them it didnt stop us from using the other door to the game store next door which where connected inside using there door to leave and smashing the cases up against a rock literally a rock and broke open each visit was like a 400 dollar lose and also helped from the people that just didnt return there movies we took that shit over we hustle hard homies

Matthew Bailey 6 days ago

@David Espinoza how the fuck is it weird? It's just a simple informative video on the downfall of a movie rental company. Get your titties out of your ass

Edward Yanes 8 minutes ago

The only thing keeping that last blockbuster afloat is the hipsters who watch vhs in portland

Oluwatobi fadeyi 13 minutes ago

Check out a podcast called Business Wars. They had a whole 6 episode series about Blockbuster vs. Netflix.

Official Oldssoal 25 minutes ago

I remember going to blockbuster when I was young. I still have sum blockbuster movies

Lasky Labs 53 minutes ago

Oh man... When did they have 1 store left? I thought it was 12... Now I'm sad.

ShowYaFriends 1 hour ago

Take a shot every time he says a variation of “they knew change was coming, they just underestimated how fast it would be”

Remdey Fox 2 hours ago

physical > digital

bobkin611 3 hours ago

Simple answer. They didn't adapt. Should have went online.

Durga Syn 8 hours ago

I worked for one of the last Blockbusters in Oregon for a few years until they closed down. It was a great place to work right up until Dish Network brought them out before closing and the whole focus went from trying to talk to people about movies to trying to sell them TV while they're there for something completely different. Sad times, but yeah a lack of foresight really killed them in the end. Also, thank you for pronouncing Oregon correctly.

David Couture 9 hours ago

Didnt they have Blockbuster On Demand kiosks outside of other retailers? I remember there was a war between them and Redbox which I always thought killed Blockbuster for good. There was just more Redboxes and now thats all we have for renting purposes anymore.

CTSSTC 9 hours ago


CTSSTC 9 hours ago

10:37 Oh you're not going to animate this part Mr Animator 🔥🐐🍩

CTSSTC 9 hours ago

7:16 TMW just the tip is weird lookin

CTSSTC 9 hours ago

Thanks for putting us on the map fam™
-- Bend, OR

Droskee 214 10 hours ago

big rips to enron