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Published on 2 weeks ago

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on Americans to take control of their health and address the growing obesity epidemic.

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Robert Rodriguez 20 minutes ago

the "fat police" is here from the james corden response!

iOn-Christopher DiMeglio 31 minutes ago

Get George Carlin on the line. Hello, Georgy - watch this - I know you'll turn it into five minutes of comedy..

aggin swaggin 2 hours ago

We smoke shame, why can't we fat shame?

DEATH WISH CHRIS Reilly 2 hours ago

An people want to run their mother f**** mouths about a dope epidemic.
The top f**** things that kill motherfuckers dead in America are food related.

Mrbigolnuts 3 hours ago

DEAR BILL MAHER, I salute you sir, FINALLY someone has had the balls to talk about major aspect of American society which hurts it. Not only that, you stuck it therm, gloves are off!!! You know you have fat offended viewers but you did it anyway.

Vbat 421 3 hours ago

Liberals: We are the one that PC too much. We bubble wrapped ourselves and live in this tiny world. Everything is hurtful, bullied. How are we going to survive anything if we can”t even tell the truth. We became what we hate, Republicans. Bravo Bill for pointing out the truth. It’s tough to be healthy and eat rights when each portion are for two. Be healthy is beautiful! The best advice I’ve got was: Moderation. Not left, not right. Moderation

questworldmatrix 4 hours ago

So you want to normalize being an ass to people right? When you get lung cancer for being dumb enough to smoke, do I get to mock you for your poor life choices?

Look, I get the main sentiment, but you might want to rework how you message that.

Nicole Wilson 4 hours ago

James Corden is fat, what do you expect? Of course he doesn’t like straight facts about obesity because he doesn’t want to hear that his fat is going to kill him one day if he doesn’t change his ways. Facts don’t care about your feelings and the facts are that obesity is unhealthy and it will kill you.

Ricky 6 hours ago

By the way: My parents and my uncle died in the last eight years, I lost my job and my favorite cat also died and I had depressions since I was 16...and now I‘m 43....
So, sorry if I drowned my pain in food...
I‘m not an American, but you hurt people in the whole world with your words...
No one likes to be fat and also no one likes to get hurt...
So just be happy that you are so slim and sexy and leave all other people alone who don‘t fit in your small world!

Jennifer Nunya 6 hours ago

You're not quite as smart as you think you are Bill Maher. You have no idea how hard it is to eat healthy as a poor person in this fucked up country. You have a few things backwards. It's sad to see you've become so detached to the problems of "normal" people in this country. You may be able to shop at whole foods but that's a lot harder for most of us. I have a vegetarian daughter. I myself eat no gluten, no dairy and no fried foods. Our grocery bill is higher than our damn rent. When did you stop informing yourself? Smh

Carissa Renard 6 hours ago

I really want to like Bill Maher but then he goes and says something idiotic, like this fat shaming thing and also the house n***a thing and I facepalm myself.

Fat shamers use the pretense of ‘caring about someone’s health’ to fatshame a person and make them feel like shit which just causes them to overeat more

Andrew Sullivan 7 hours ago

Whenever I go to a restaurant here and they bring me my dish, I say "Is that the family size?". The portions here are UNBELIEVABLE!

redngolden 7 hours ago

Smoke shaming needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

DmY808 8 hours ago

The two things killing most Americans are obesity related illness and drug overdose. But liberals think guns are the biggest threat. No the biggest threat to Americans are themselves. Stop over eating. Have a salad for once. Go on a fast for a day.

DmY808 8 hours ago

The three most obese nations are America, Mexico. Britain. In that order. We wouldn't even be having a debate on Healthcare of people took better care of themselves. This problem is the fault of the individual. And now those people want the government to come to their recuse.