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Published on 2 weeks ago

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John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.

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MICROSOFT HQ 3 hours ago

I just move dam

CX Tian 4 hours ago

It pains me to watch this one.

Johnny BeGood 6 hours ago

34 million is just little over than 2% of the whole population of China. So it basically means there's approximately 49% of women and 51% of man. You could hardly say there are "far more men than women".

Tua Neh Ji 9 hours ago

Need to clarify John Oliver's reason for Chinese's intention about having boys. They want it because boys carry on the surname (last name/family name) of the family so the family pin their hopes on the guy getting married and carrying on the family legacy. But now with a lack of women, it seems counter productive to have a boy in the first place.

Times of BE 11 hours ago

I missed the point what is Oliver's beef : he is upset with china ending of one child policy or happy they did it?

Big Smoke 11 hours ago

14:56 damn I wish I could attend that class

Aleksandar 12 hours ago

Yeah, population growing out of control is real. I hate communism but you must put some kind of limit on the number of children someone can have. We have it right here in the West, just let people pay for their own damn children and see how those abortions go up real fast! Planned parenthood is what distinguishes us from animals and 1.4 billion Chinese is about enough for that region and the world, thank you very much :)

Eric Sun 12 hours ago

Making fun of a nation without knowing or studying its history won't make you noble, but do make you famous, which however is cheap, I am afraid. 540M population was doubled in 30 years after CCP established the new country and implemented encourage-birth policy, because of too many people died in wars (For the soul lost in wars which your nation was part of, is it funny?). And this finally led to the birth control policy in 1980. This is NOT about CCP override human rights, but about people exploring all ways of how to develop this country in most healthy and efficient ways. From a political perspective, nothing is absolutely right or wrong, but I see with my own eyes that Chinese are growing and getting away from poverty with our amazing and world-shocking speed. What are you doing now?

Gianna Di Biase Castro 12 hours ago

The 4.3 dislikes are from guys happily married with their full size doll, and the other . 1 is from those that wish Donald duck looked like that, because 2019 is a sick age...

Alfnir Bjornson 13 hours ago

China is the biggest shithole you could ever live. Your life is controlled by the government and is worth less than nothing. You can find thousands of videos of people dying in the middle of the streets and no one calls the police, no one cleans them up.

TheJaybrone 14 hours ago

China topped off their celebrations by getting blown by. The nba and it’s biggest stars.

Theodore Shuai 14 hours ago


Jeff Bell 14 hours ago

looks like the men's grill at the country club.

toplobster 14 hours ago

History is memes now - I would read that

Albi 14 hours ago

I guess china is the only race going to survive this planet. Calling children meatballs is very OK so they put some effort to lose weight not stay in the internet all day doing nothing. China has figured it out