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Published on 1 week ago

Video Searching Keywords: Late , Night , with , Seth , Meyers , Kathy Griffin , George Takei , Jacqueline Novak , Donald Trump , President Trump , murder , Barack Obama , tweet , twitter , racism , conspiracy theory , climate change , Norm , McDonalds , Anderson Cooper , The West Wing , O’Reilly Factor , Bill O’Reilly , immigrants , immigration , Jeffrey Epstein , Bill Clinton , Hillary Clinton , NBC , NBC TV , television , funny , talk show , comedy , humor , stand-up , parody , snl seth meyers , host , promo , seth , meyers , weekend update , news satire , satire ,

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump retweeting a conspiracy theory accusing former President Clinton of murder.
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Donald Trump Is the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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susan mcinally 5 hours ago

"one bad hamburger and McDonald's is out of business" said someone who has never used ubereats!

Leesil M. 8 hours ago

Can we blur his face? It'd make him so mad, he might actually explode. 3:)

Steve Barrios 12 hours ago

Oh my God Jeanine Pirro your Goddamn voice shut the f**** Common Sense American imagine waking up to that voice every morning LOL

ShadowFoxSF 13 hours ago

Maaaan don't bring Marvin (The Martian) into this!

Mirquella Santos 14 hours ago

I second that.......

ShadowFoxSF 15 hours ago

Oh please start blurring his face.
It was so nice

Debby Blanchard 15 hours ago

I have come to realize it is impossible to underestimate a Liberal

Debby Blanchard 4 hours ago

@Felix Philippe You're really lucky your mom rolled into that wet spot

Felix Philippe 4 hours ago

@Debby Blanchard lol pls don't curse me grandma, clichés hurt. i just want the best for you and your little fella. don't you want him to grow up at least a little less stunted than yourself?

Debby Blanchard 5 hours ago

@Felix Philippe Philip, I hope the worst day of your past is the best day of your future.

Felix Philippe 5 hours ago

@Debby Blanchard woah, dobbie coming out with the big guns! calm down m8, just being nice. not used to compliments?

a wee lesson for ya though: liberal is not capitalised unless you mean the conservative australian political party.

Debby Blanchard 5 hours ago

@Felix Philippe &UrAFknDIcKHeAd

Felix Philippe 7 hours ago

wa0w deebie u so sm4t

S. Gillespie 19 hours ago

They say the country is divided by race...I think it's also divided by stupid and intelligent. There are people openly hostile to intelligence and facts because it makes them feel stupid. Now we know why Trump's their man.

Felix Philippe 7 hours ago

this is stupid.

David DeLaney 22 hours ago

Hey hey now, "2 filet-o-fish" has been my McDonald's meal since the late '60s. ...Perhaps I should sue him for trademark infringement, and let him settle out of court for half a million?

--Dave, unhappy that you have to explain to the counter person how to make an actual plain milkshake these days

ps: actually, you can't say "Stop with this craziness!" when you're Jeannine Shapiro...

bj1948 22 hours ago

Years ago, with not near the news we have now, births were always announced in the paper, for free and without asking. The hospitals sent the papers names of parents, sex of baby, his/her weight and I think length. This was everywhere but mainly small towns. He's older than I am and he can't remember? I. H. H.

EnderZ13 23 hours ago

The Young Turks had a Trump face ban on their news show for the longest time. They finally revoked it after he became a legitimate Republican candidate. Maybe they'll bring it back.

Linn Baardsen 1 day ago

The opening was great😂

Stewart O'Marah 1 day ago

I will celebrate so F'n hard when this idiot is out of office!!

Kelli Tallow 1 day ago

Yeah she’s a satanist too.

Jinxin King 1 day ago

Fucking lying libertards

Felix Philippe 7 hours ago

why u frothin m8

Daeduluus 1 day ago

ok I will bite what of this video was a lie?