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Published on 1 week ago

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President Trump diverts billions of dollars from the military to fund his border wall, and an amusement park ride in Germany is shut down after parkgoers noted it resembled a swastika.

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Mattias Strandberg 11 hours ago

nazi is asshole

Saloz94 2 days ago

its funny that people thought someone else was going to pay to build the wall. Nope america is paying for this thing cause a spoiled orange child is in the white house.What hes doing is equal to using said money as toilet paper.

X Y 3 days ago

Haha okay i did nazi that coming

X Y 3 days ago

Jumping on turtles? Moscow Mitch doesn't approve

bobby elmi 3 days ago

The US spends way too much on military, so if there would be deductions anywhere it should be from the military. But don’t use it for a wall, there are so many things like education and infrastructure that need it

Jortiz 3 days ago

I hate Nazis and their ways however this symbol does not belong to them. This symbol is way older and it symbolizes something good and deeper than their stupid and moronic agenda. They (nazis) hi jacked this symbol.

crystalmtn01 3 days ago

The border wall costs about 0.02% of the military budget and costs way less than the $135 billion spent on services for illegals.

Thomas Kinkade 4 days ago

AWE COME ON!!! EAGLES in a SWASTIKA on an AXIS! lol really?

psychoaiko666 4 days ago

Actually it's not a "peace" sign, it's the V for victory.
The peacemovement adopted it as a symbol that one day through peaceful protest the warmongers will be overcome.
Also, the swastika is already forbidden in Germany.

Mark Gray 4 days ago

You see you got so many like videos because the way the video starts with Trump building the wall dumb ass !!! I can’t wait to see Trump wins in 2020 your gonna cry like a baby!!!

Rootical Lion 4 days ago

We’re all One People.
United we stand strong.
Divided we crumble.

P S 4 days ago

I have to say, I grew up playing video games, especially RPGs. This was before the era of voice acting as a standard, and the games I played were text-heavy. I remember playing Legend of Dragoon, and it was specifically Albert's character that had me load the game up with a dictionary next to me just so I could look up words I didn't know.
My mother now calls me a walking thesaurus, though I prefer the term 'word nerd'. :P

That's just one thing I learned from video games. Problem solving, critical thinking, time management, creativity, story structure, math... There's a lot to be learned while having a blast.

Mighty Mystery 5 days ago

The irony is, so much construction was for housing facilities at Lejeune, where mold and structural damage present life hazards to troops, for structures at West Point, the oldest engineering school and service academy in the country, and of course, Puerto Rico. Even megalomaniac Napoleon Bonaparte used to say that if you take carexof the troops, they will take care of you. Morale, health, and safety have been compromised. This incident has just cost us thousands of reenlistments. The troops know how the system is to work. When they see something stupid or unfair, they never forget. When their health is risked, unnecessarily, they never forget. When their "leader" betrays them, they never forget.
As to the German story, this is the level of national conscience, that a symbol once usurped for an evil purpose, still draws dismay and consternation from the People. They make no excuse, they do not insist it is harmless. They shut it down! Germany, which used to brag in its Anthem, "Germany Over Everyone", now sings of "Unity and right and freedom...Let us all pursue the purpose, brotherly, with heart and hand."
How ironic is it, that they would shut down an expensive piece of construction because it reminds of hatred, but Donald, son of a racist Germanic father, will steal from housing and disaster repairs, to build a symbol of hate. Ach, Mein Lieber Gott!

Ahmon Mcclennon 5 days ago

Trump a jackass

Kyle Death 5 days ago

160million from west point???god damn west point is a high end military school and possibly the most prestigious one where some of the best soldiers have come from and you want to take 160 million from them. Thats a fat L right there. Rip westpoint